Q. What kind of bottled water does Water Still have?
A. Ultra Premium Vapor Distilled Water. We are the only Bottled Water Company in Amarillo that specializes in Ultra Premium Vapor Distilled Water, the purest water available.

Q. Is your ice made with your Ultra Premium Water?
A. All of our ice is made on site with our Ultra Premium Vapor Distilled Water. We have 2 varieties available, Cubed - large solid crescents of ice and Nugget - flaked ice compressed into nuggets.

Q. Why is your tea better than the rest?
A. We use a proprietary brewing process. We also use our Ultra Premium Water and Ice. Our tea is custom blended by us for a taste that can't be duplicated.

Q. Are you adding a new location?
A. We are now open at our new location, 4712 Bell St. We have started construction at our 2nd location, 2728 Georgia St. and plan on being finished by Winter of 2017.  We also have plans for a 3rd location and we will have more announcements soon regarding that location. 

Q. Do you have gift cards?
A. Yes, we have gift cards, they are reloadable, you can add any amount over $5. For every $20 you add to a gift card - get a FREE 44 oz tea.
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